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High pressure spray system/artificial fog equipment application


2022-11-23 15:00

Artificial fog is used to atomize water, beautify the environment, improve air quality, and create suitable ecological and working environment elements. It is used in landscape architecture, real estate community, stage scenery, leisure places, greenhouses and greenhouses. The application in workshop and other fields is welcomed by people.

While beautifying the environment, artificial fog can produce a large number of negative ions, making the content of negative ions in the air per milliliter reach 100000 to 500000, 1000 to 5000 times that of ordinary urban residential areas, and can effectively improve the environment for human activities.

You can not only watch from a distance, but also experience the subtle mystery, bridges, trees, flowers, clouds and mists. It can be placed in the hazy sea to breathe fresh and moist air, and the mirror is as exquisite as a fairy tale dream.

The bright sunshine has changed the colorful landscape. Let people really experience the relaxed and happy nature of returning to nature, and reflect the "Tianjia beautification" concept of "landscape artificial nature".

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