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Introduction to relevant knowledge of high-pressure atomizing nozzle


2022-11-23 13:46

The high-pressure atomizing nozzle has good spray effect and can achieve dust removal effect. In short, the working principle of high-pressure atomizing nozzle is to spray very small atomized particles under high pressure. It also has high pressure spraying force, which can be used to clean the cutting site. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of relevant knowledge of high-pressure atomizing nozzle.  

1、 Nozzle structure of high-pressure atomizing nozzle

The structure of high-pressure atomizing nozzle is different. We can divide nozzles into the following four types: cluster nozzle, balance nozzle, long nozzle and short nozzle. Their usage is described in detail below.  

1. Cluster nozzles can settle on the cylindrical end face for large cleaning area, or place the fan on the straight pipe. After spraying, cleaning the equipment will increase the cleaning coverage area.  

2. Balance nozzle, which is a kind of weak nozzle, is very suitable for high cleaning of the facade.  

3. Long nozzle, as the name implies, the high-pressure washer has a large structure. In addition to the general rigid long nozzle, the nozzle is fixed on a flexible spray bar or a rigid spray bar with an inner diameter of 4.8-25.4 meters, which can also be used with the nozzle.  

4. The nozzle is short, and its structure is obviously small and delicate, which can be adjusted to the desired jet according to different cleaning objects. The nozzle can spray three kinds of jets according to the impact force, namely; Soft fog, hard fog and impact water column. The range of soft fog jet can reach within half a meter, and the impact force is slightly weak. It is suitable for cleaning objects and glass with low pressure. However, the useful range of water column impact can reach as much as 12 meters, and its impact force is very strong, which can be used to clean the dirt and dirt on the hard surface.  

2、 How to improve the spray effect of high-pressure atomizing nozzle?  

The atomizing effect determines the use value of the atomizing nozzle, and there are many factors affecting the atomizing effect. From the perspective of atomization mode, users can improve the atomization effect of the atomizing nozzle through the following four points.  

1. Increasing the relative velocity difference between gas and liquid phases increases the pressure power, so that the droplets act as a fine crusher in the atmosphere.  

2. Increase the outlet velocity of the gas-liquid nozzle, enhance the collision, and further break the relatively ejected droplets in the collision. It is found that when the outlet velocity of droplets is low, large droplets will converge and integrate, and spray will cause indoor humidity. If the droplet outlet velocity is large, the atomization degree can be improved. However, this will reduce the relative degree of gas and liquid and make the atomization of droplets worse. Therefore, how to adjust the water outlet speed needs to be gradually mastered by users in long-term practice.  

3. The experimental results show that the geometry and size of the nozzle and mixing tube have a great influence on the atomization performance. Therefore, when designing the model, in addition to the influence of atomization alone, the change of the overall performance after combination should also be considered.  

4. The flow rate, pressure and geometric dimensions of the nozzle in the spray water supply system were studied. The structure shape relationship improves the atomization effect. In particular, the water pressure of urban water supply system has a great impact on the atomization effect. The higher the water pressure is, the finer the water mist particles are. But high water pressure often causes problems.  

3、 How to Select High Pressure Atomizing Nozzle

When selecting high-pressure atomizing nozzle, the following factors shall be considered:

1. Whether the nozzle has mechanical strength;  

2. Whether it has wear resistance;  

3. Whether it has corrosion resistance;  

4. Whether there is technology. As the nozzle is a wear part, tungsten carbide, synthetic diamond and other materials with high cost performance are generally used.