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Knowledge of stainless steel ferrule joint


2022-11-23 13:49

Pipe treatment method:

The part of the pipe surface inserted into the stainless steel ferrule joint shall be clean and intact to prevent scratches and other problems.

The end of the pipe shall be perpendicular to the pipe centerline, and the branch pipe shall be free of burrs.

If the pipe is to be bent, the pipe end shall be embedded with a certain length, as shown in Figure 3L. The proposed value given by the joint manufacturer shall be followed. Generally, the length of L shall not be less than 3 times the length of the nut, otherwise the insertion and sealing of the pipe will be damaged.

After obtaining the stainless steel ferrule connector, slowly loosen the ferrule connector nut by 1/4 turn. (Note: try not to unscrew the nut) If the nut is unscrewed accidentally, ensure that the front and rear ferrules in the connector are not missing and are in the correct and specific position during installation.

Step 2: Insert the pipe into the stainless steel ferrule connector. Make sure to insert the pipe all the way to the shoulder of the ferrule connector cavity. Tighten the nut by hand, and wait until the finger is not rotated.

Step 3: Make a mark at 6 points of the ferrule nut.


Step 4: Use the wrench to fix the fixed joint itself, and turn the ferrule nut one and a quarter times. At this time, the marked part will be rotated by 540 degrees to more than 9 o'clock.

If the nominal diameter of the super small ferrule is 1/16ft, 1/8ft, 3/16ft, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm, it only needs to turn three quarters of a turn,

Swagelok ferrule joints with an overall dimension of more than 1 in. or 25 mm shall comply with this standard.

Swagelok double head hydraulic press self-contained equipment (MHSU) shall be used to attach the ferrule to the ferrule.

Apply a little of the lubricant provided with the joint on the back surface of the thread and the rear ferrule.

Insert the ferrule with its own ferrule into the connector until the front ferrule is against the connector itself; Tighten the nut by hand.

Mark the nut at 6 o'clock.

Firmly fix the fixed joint itself, and tighten the nut by half a turn so that it stops at the position of 12 o'clock figure 7. Swagelok MHSU clearance inspection gauge shall be used to confirm that the joint has been sufficiently tightened.

Attention shall be paid to the specifications of ferrule joints and the supporting facilities of pipe sizes. For example, OD3/8inch and OD10mm pipes are close to each other, but OD3/8inch pipes cannot be connected with OD10mm joints, and vice versa. The manufacturer generally marks the metric and inch joints, and shall pay attention to the difference during assembly.

Leakage cause

1. The front and rear left and right ferrules are installed in the wrong direction or position

2. The surface of the seamless steel pipe is scratched or the seamless steel pipe is not round.

3. Seamless steel pipe is not inserted to the bottom

4. The nut is not tightened

5. The seamless steel pipe is hard.