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Share the advantages of our spray system


2022-11-23 14:52

In this natural way, the spray system promotes the movement of water through the high-pressure system, and then through the high-pressure effect, the charged small water droplets are split into the surface layer of negatively charged water droplets and the inner layer of positively charged water droplets. The surface layer of negatively charged water droplets combines with atoms or molecules in the air to form negative ions; The inner layer of heavier water droplets also sinks under the action of gravity, so a large number of negative ions can be obtained in the air, forming a white water mist that looks like natural fog, like a "forest of fog". This is a high-tech product with new technology. It is widely used in natural gardens, environmental landscapes and other aspects for the purpose of improving air quality and beautifying the environment.

As the negative ions are produced by people, the fog forest system is more and more used as the equipment to improve the surrounding environment. Its various functions in landscape design, moisture preservation, dust prevention and summer heat dissipation endow it with special charm.


Features of spray system:

Fine fog: The high-pressure micro fog spray nozzle can produce 5 billion fog droplets per second, with the diameter of only 3~10um. It is famous for the cloud in the mountains, which evaporates rapidly in the air to form water vapor, with excellent humidification and cooling effect.

Energy saving: atomizing 1kg water only consumes 6W of electric energy, which is one percent of the traditional electric humidifier and one tenth of the centrifugal or gas water humidifier.

Reliable: The main engine of the high-pressure micro fog system is an imported industrial plunger pump, which can operate continuously for 24 hours. The nozzle and water mist distributor have no power and vulnerable parts, and will not be damaged in a high dust environment.

Hygiene: The water in the high-pressure micro fog system is sealed and non recycled, which will never lead to the propagation of bacteria.

Spray volume: spray volume is large and can be combined freely. The output flow of the pump station of the high-pressure micro fog system is from 100kg/h to 1600kg/h, which can be adjusted steplessly. Within the flow range, the fog head can be given, and the humidification accuracy can also be adjusted by given combination.

Widely used: In addition to humidification, it is also widely used in landscaping, dust suppression, deodorization, greenhouse, breeding, livestock breeding, spraying, industrial equipment cooling and many other industrial fields.

1、 Landscaping and moisturizing functions

The special landscape effect and moisturizing effect of the fog forest sprinkler have been widely used in the garden environment design. It can increase the momentum of waterfall landscape, create a casual and mysterious atmosphere as corridors and rest pavilions, and increasingly add a sense of leisure and romance as a garden path.

2、 Heatstroke prevention function

The water particles emitted into the air through the fog forest system will absorb a lot of heat from the surrounding environment during the gasification process, thereby reducing the temperature of the surrounding environment, which is an effective means of heatstroke prevention.

3、 Dust proof function

Charged water particles can absorb dust floating in the air and settle on the ground to prevent dust from rising, so as to purify the air.

4、 Health function

In the process of operation, it can produce a large number of negative ions, which can effectively kill bacteria and purify the air. As a medical means, negative ions can inhibit, alleviate and assist in the treatment of 7 human systems and nearly 30 kinds of diseases. The negative ions have the functions of sterilization, deodorization, removing CO and ammonia, especially for human health. With its excellent landscape effect, Wusen System provides a new landscape design concept for urban squares, apartment blocks, public places, parks, green spaces, large entertainment venues, shopping malls, office halls, high-end apartments, public places in residential areas and modern families.