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Case introduction of Wusen system


2022-11-23 14:51

Classic cases

1、 Fog Forest System - SAIC General Motors Pavilion of World Expo

SAIC-GM Pavilion is jointly sponsored by SAIC and GM. The theme of the automobile pavilion is "power mobile system for sustainable development", which advocates the innovation concept of science and technology and the future. The theme of the exhibition hall is "rotation" - the power of rotation and ascent, ingeniously connecting nature and the automobile industry. Entering the exhibition hall, visitors feel as if they can travel through time and space to 2030, experience the future automobile and urban transportation system, and enjoy the beautiful automobile life at their fingertips. As the only supplier of foggy effects for the automobile pavilion during the Expo, foggy equipment is widely used in various venues of the pavilion, creating a good viewing environment for visitors. For example, the fine water spray cooling system carefully set up in the queuing area uses water molecules smaller than 0.4 microns for atomization cooling, bringing visitors a comfortable waiting environment like a spring breeze. The pavilion design integrates the ecological concept of the World Expo into it, and explores the building energy conservation and environmental protection. The introduction of the fog forest system is a beneficial attempt for the sustainable development of the building.


2、 Fog Forest System - Large Cloud and Fog Project of the World Expo Meteorological Center

The World Meteorological Museum is the first international organization exhibition hall to sign the exhibition contract, which was jointly built by the World Meteorological Organization and the China Meteorological Administration. The entire exhibition hall is composed of four white oblate spheres of different sizes and directions. The appearance of the exhibition hall adopts a bright white film structure, which is like a cloud. The film cloth is evenly covered with spray points of the fog forest system. When the spray is all turned on, the entire exhibition hall is like a cloud floating in the fog, like a "water drop in the cloud". If the solar height angle is suitable (less than 42 degrees), visitors in the pedestrian plaza in the middle will be surprised to find the "rainbow in fog" surrounding the building. The theme of the meteorological center is "for the safety and well-being of the people". When the fog forest system is opened, it will release a large number of negative oxygen ions called "vitamins in the air", as well as the effects of cooling and humidifying. This will enable you to enjoy the wonders of "cloud top observation" in a fresh and cool environment. At the same time, you can observe the real-time changes of the "small ball big world", experience the scientific and technological strength of the "World Expo Meteorological Observatory", and look forward to the quality services of the "Future Home".

3、 Chinese ink painting garden in olympic village

In September 2007, with the green, environmental protection, health and other characteristics of its products, Wusen System successfully entered the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Athletes' Village, becoming the first Olympic contract project. The fog forest system runs through the whole water system in the park, mainly used in combination with the overlapping water, wooden plank road, green plants and ecological wetland island. Among them, the ecological wetland island is an important part of the garden landscape. The fog effect is designed around the water area, and points are set along the water area. The misty clear fog is perfectly combined with the waterscape and fountains. The unique misty rain and wetland features in the Jiangnan region are truly reproduced in the Olympic Village, and the unpredictable landscape of Chinese gardens are fully displayed for friends from all over the world; The fogging effect is also arranged in the green plants, restoring the most original natural scenery, creating a poetic Chinese ink and wash garden visually, becoming one of the windows to show the world the culture with Chinese characteristics, and also providing a comfortable and beautiful relaxing space for athletes. The application of the fog forest system meets the Olympic needs of "green, environmental protection and energy conservation" and injects fresh vitality into the landscape of the athlete village. When the foggy forest is opened, the moist fog quickly reduces the temperature and dryness of the surrounding area, which improves the comfort of the residential environment and also solves the problem of dry climate in the northern region.