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Influence factors between atomizing nozzles


2022-11-23 14:45

Pressure type nozzle

When pressure type atomizing nozzles (direct and centrifugal) are used to implement spray dust reduction, the dust reduction efficiency mainly depends on the water supply pressure for the determined application occasions. The water pressure required by different particle sizes is different, and the smaller the dust, the higher the pressure required. The high water supply pressure can not only obtain the water mist with fine particles, but also make the water mist particles move at a high speed and have a large space moisture content, which is extremely beneficial to the dust reduction method based on collision mechanism. According to the dispersion degree of actual dust particles and the requirements of dust reduction efficiency, the appropriate water pressure can be selected with reference to the corresponding curve to achieve good results and the best economic benefits. This conclusion is applicable to any workplace where pressure type atomizing nozzle spray is used to settle coal mine dust.

Two-phase nozzle

For two-phase nozzle, its atomization ability is affected by the following factors:

(1) Influence of mixing pipe diameter and length

The smaller inner diameter of mixing tube can increase the relative velocity of gas and liquid phases, which is beneficial to atomization, but it will affect the re aggregation of atomized particles. Because the mixing tube is too long and the gas energy consumption is too much, the liquid flow atomization will become worse; If the mixing tube is too short, the gas energy cannot be fully utilized, resulting in insufficient atomization of liquid flow.

(2) Impact of sprinkler

Because reducing the outlet area of the nozzle will increase the outlet pressure drop, the acceleration of gas-liquid mixture will be significantly enhanced, and the increase of the relative velocity between the two phases will also promote the liquid phase to be broken more finely. However, the increase of the outlet pressure drop will inevitably increase the pressure in the mixing tube, which will lead to the decrease of the relative velocity of the gas-liquid two-phase in the mixing tube, which in turn will make the atomization worse.

(3) Relationship between gas-liquid ratio and atomized particle size

With the increase of gas-liquid ratio, the atomization particle size decreased. Therefore, increasing the gas-liquid ratio can increase the relative velocity of gas-liquid two phases and make the liquid film break finer. However, when the gas-liquid ratio increases to a certain extent, the change of particle size is not obvious.

(4) Droplet concentration changes with gas-liquid ratio

With the increase of gas-liquid ratio, the particle concentration of water decreases, which is caused by the decrease of the mass fraction of water in the air.