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Introduction to atomizing nozzle


2022-11-23 14:46

Nozzle is one of the most important parts of combustion equipment. The combustion of liquid fuel generally uses nozzle, and the nozzle design has a great impact on the combustion of liquid fuel. The function of the nozzle is to atomize the liquid fuel and form a liquid mist with very small diameter, so as to increase the contact area between the liquid fuel and the surrounding medium and achieve the purpose of rapid evaporation, mixing and combustion.

At present, the main dust prevention measure in China's coal mines is spray dust reduction. As the most basic element of spray dust reduction, the atomization ability (fog flow shape and fog particle size) directly determines the effect of spray dust reduction.

Nozzle is a key component, even a major component, in many kinds of spray, spray, oil injection and sand blasting equipment.

The atomizing nozzle is a device that can atomize and spray out liquid and suspend it evenly in the air. Its working principle is to squeeze the internal liquid into the nozzle through internal pressure. An iron sheet is placed inside the nozzle. The high-speed liquid hits the iron sheet, bounces back and forms atomized particles with a diameter of 15-60 microns, which are sprayed out through the nozzle outlet. Atomizing nozzles are widely used in various aerosol products, such as pesticides, air fresheners, pharmaceutical spray, etc.

The atomization technology has covered almost all industrial fields, such as transportation, agricultural production, and people's daily life. In addition to the combustion of various fuels (gas, liquid, and solid fuels), the atomization technology has also been widely used in non combustion industries, such as catalytic granulation, food processing, powder coating, pesticide spraying, etc.