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How to prolong the service life of brass atomizing nozzle


2022-11-23 14:37

How to prolong the service life of brass atomizing nozzle

How to improve the service life of the brass atomizing nozzle when it is used? As a manufacturer of industrial brass atomizing nozzle, how to improve the service life of the nozzle? Let's have a look!

1. The selection of materials is directly related to the pressure of high-pressure water pump. High pressure cleaners above 1000bar generally use cemented carbide, artificial gemstones, diamonds or embed these materials in stainless steel; The 50~150~1000bar high pressure cleaner is made of stainless steel and carbon steel, and the cleaner with pressure lower than 150bar is suitable for selecting bronze or brass as the material.

2. Hardness selection. When the nozzle is made of stainless steel and other steels, the steel with medium carbon or above shall be selected. In this way, the surface hardness and wear resistance can be improved by quenching and tempering, thus extending the service life.

3. Precision selection. In the nozzle processing stage, especially the inner hole as the flow channel, it is required to finish machining, such as reaming, boring, or EDM, laser, ultrasonic finishing, and the roughness is limited between 0.4 and 0.2 ra.

4. During the use of the nozzle, attention should also be paid to the accuracy of installation, the purity and temperature of water, and the correct operation and maintenance methods during the use.


How to select the appropriate brass atomizing nozzle?

When choosing the nozzle for atomization, how to choose the nozzle suitable for yourself? As a manufacturer of industrial brass atomization nozzle, let us know!

① It is used to determine whether the liquid sprayed contains chemical components, such as acid reducing or clean water. The clean water uses 303 or ordinary atomizing nozzle FE and FD brass fine atomizing nozzle. If it contains chemical components, 303 stainless steel cannot be selected, but 304, 310 and 316 can be selected.

② Determine the spray flow rate of the nozzle. When we use the nozzle, our resources are valuable. Even if it is not a liquid mixture containing multiple components, the transmission medium water is also valuable, so we cannot waste resources once. After the materials and flow rate are determined, the rest is the spray angle. We can choose the appropriate nozzle angle according to the coverage area we want to spray, which will cause more waste, Less coverage is not complete. After these three conditions are determined, the selection of atomizing nozzle is basic.

How to check whether the nozzle is qualified?

How to check whether the nozzle is qualified, and how to check whether the nozzle is qualified, as an industrial nozzle manufacturer, let the brass atomizing nozzle manufacturer tape you to understand this problem!

1. The whole product should be inspected and spot checked to see whether the product you get is consistent with the product you buy. You can draw a picture to see.

2. Check whether the raw materials of the product meet the requirements.

3. There will be instructions and requirements on the product, which need to be checked for consistency.

4. If you can't prove it yourself, you can ask the nozzle company to help you test. Different industries, different products, and different nozzle uses will have different service lives.