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What should be paid attention to when using air brass atomizing nozzle?


2022-11-23 14:31

What should be paid attention to when using air brass atomizing nozzle?

What should be paid attention to when using air brass atomizing nozzle? As a manufacturer of industrial brass atomizing nozzles, let us know what should be paid attention to when using air atomizing nozzles!

1. If the fuel or lubricating oil of the brass atomizing nozzle is impure, it will accelerate the wear of parts, increase the fit clearance, and cause oil leakage, oil dripping, oil supply pressure reduction, oil blockage and other problems;

2. If the air contains a lot of dust, it will accelerate the wear of cylinder liner, piston and atomizing nozzle piston ring;

3. If the cooling water is impure, it will add scale to the cooling system, hinder the engine heat dissipation and accelerate wear;

4. If the body surface is not clean, the body will be corroded;

5. Poor gasoline and air supply, difficult starting, poor combustion and reduced power;

6. The fuel supply is insufficient or stopped, the smoothness of the atomizing nozzle engine is poor, and the wear of parts is accelerated;

7. The cooling water is insufficient, the machine temperature is too high, the power is reduced, and the wear is aggravated.


Why does brass atomizing nozzle fail to produce spray

Why is the brass atomizing nozzle not sprayed when it is in use? As an industrial nozzle manufacturer, let's have a look!

① Corrosion: when spraying the workpiece with chemical materials, these chemical materials will also cause corrosion and blockage of nozzle materials. The accumulation of chemicals and impurities on the inner or outer edges of the nozzle will cause nozzle blockage, which will affect the spray shape of the nozzle, thus affecting the spray pressure of the nozzle.

② Erosion: When the liquid with high flow rate passes through the metal surface at the orifice, it will cause erosion to the orifice, resulting in a drop in nozzle pressure. The spray state is irregular. The possibility of nozzle corrosion depends on the hardness of the liquid, the spray pressure, the type and quantity of chemical materials used. In addition, the particulate impurities in the liquid will also seriously erode the nozzle.

Accidental damage, improper use and untimely maintenance are the main reasons for the accidental damage of the nozzle. Although the nozzle mouth is usually designed as concave, the offset structure of the sector nozzle is easy to be damaged. The temperature, working under high temperature or abnormal temperature for a long time, will cause the nozzle to be damaged due to material softening. According to the atomization mechanism and experimental research, combined with the coal mine field experience, The main ways to improve the atomization of the nozzle are as follows: increase the relative velocity difference of the gas and liquid phase to increase the aerodynamic force, so that the droplets can be broken more finely under the greater aerodynamic force, increase the outlet velocity of the liquid nozzle to enhance the collision, so that the relatively sprayed droplets can be further broken in the collision process.

The above is the content explained by the editor. Do you understand it? Thank you for your patience. I hope the content explained by the editor can help you. If you need a brass atomizer, you can contact our customer service. See you next time.