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How to maintain the brass atomizing nozzle regularly?


2022-11-23 14:30

How to maintain the brass atomizing nozzle regularly?

How to maintain the brass atomizing nozzle regularly? As a manufacturer of industrial brass atomizing nozzle, let us let you know about the problem of regular maintenance!

1. Carefully clean the brass atomizing nozzle

The nozzle hole is easy to be damaged. When cleaning the nozzle, the size and integrity of the nozzle hole are very important. Please pay attention.

2. Use correct materials

When cleaning the brass atomizing nozzle, please use tools softer than the nozzle surface. Plastic bristle brush and/or wooden/plastic scraper are appropriate. Do not use wire brush, knife, welding head cleaning file or anything harder than the nozzle surface.

3. Avoid violent cleaning

Rough cleaning may do more harm than good. If cleaning is difficult or there is potential damage, it is recommended to immerse the nozzle in a mild neutral solvent to decompose scale. Pay attention to ensure that the nozzle material will not be dissolved by the solvent.


Reasons for damage of brass atomizing nozzle

In the process of using the nozzle, it is inevitable that the nozzle will be damaged. What we can do is to avoid it as much as possible. As a manufacturer and seller of industrial brass atomizing nozzle, let you know why the nozzle is damaged!

1. Corrosion

The nozzle material is damaged due to chemical reaction with the spraying material or environment, which is similar to erosion/wear, and will also damage the nozzle surface.

2. Bonding

The substances generated by liquid evaporation accumulate in the throat or outer edge of the nozzle, forming a layer of solid film, blocking the throat or internal through-hole.

3. High temperature

Some liquids need to be sprayed under high temperature or high temperature environment, which has a certain negative effect on the nozzle used at non high temperature, and the nozzle will soften or break.

4. Blocking

The solid particles block the throat, hindering the uniformity of flow or spray shape.

5. Scour/wear

The metal in the throat of the nozzle gradually falls off, the inner flow hole expands or the shape changes, the flow rate usually increases, the pressure decreases, the spray shape changes, and the spray particles become larger,

6. Improper assembly

Some nozzles need to be carefully assembled after cleaning to accurately align the washer, O-ring and built-in valve. Improper assembly may lead to leakage or spray performance degradation, and too tight nuts may loosen the threads.

7. Accident damage

The throat or nozzle is accidentally damaged or falls off during installation, and the nozzle with a small throat can also be seriously damaged if the cleaning tool is used improperly, such as using metal wire to clean the blockage. In many cases, the cost waste caused by improper nozzle performance is ignored. Here are a few examples to illustrate that improper nozzle performance will cause waste. It should be noted that this is only a direct loss. In many occasions, such as continuous casting, More serious losses may be indirect economic losses and corporate image losses.

The above is the content explained by the manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzle. I hope it can help you. Thank you for your patience.