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The manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzle will talk about how to purchase industrial stainless steel nozzle?


2022-11-23 14:27

The manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzle will talk about how to purchase industrial stainless steel nozzle?

When purchasing industrial stainless steel nozzles, how to choose a good industrial stainless steel nozzle? As a manufacturer and seller of brass atomizing nozzles, let you know how to purchase better!

1. Selection skills of cleaning nozzles: first of all, focus on the nozzle material. The stainless steel cleaning nozzle has a high pressure of 50 kg, a low pressure of 1 kg, and a suitable pressure of 2-5 kg. Considering wear and spray effects comprehensively, this is a considerable value. The large use pressure of the cleaning nozzle is 10 kg, and the small use pressure is 0.3 kg. Like the stainless steel nozzle, it is a considerable value for wear and spray effects.

2. Installation distance of cleaning nozzle: there is no fixed value. It is common that the installation distance of two nozzles is controlled within 10 cm, but it cannot be coordinated according to the angle of different nozzles. The installation distance is that no matter how big the nozzle angle is, the two nozzles need to overlap by 30%. This is a good installation distance of nozzle. The installation distance of this nozzle, no matter whether it is stainless steel or plastic, It is both a good installation value and an installation distance value.

3. The use angle of the cleaning nozzle mainly depends on the cleaning area of the cleaning materials. Of course, large angle and large area cleaning nozzles can save the cost of the nozzle, and small angle and small area nozzles can also be used, such as the conventional angle of, and the special use of 10.110 degrees.


4. Another point is that for the spraying distance, whether it is stainless steel cleaning nozzle or plastic cleaning nozzle, 5-30 cm is appropriate, and the spraying distance should be about 15 cm, which is conducive to achieving a certain impact force, so as to achieve the cleaning effect.

Manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzle: What is the reason why the industrial nozzle needs to be replaced?

When replacing the industrial nozzle, under what circumstances? As a manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzle, let us know why the industrial nozzle needs to be replaced!

1. Observe the industrial nozzle from the water pump to see whether there is pressure drop or pressure rise. The change of pressure drop means that the nozzle mouth is seriously worn, the water volume becomes larger, and the pressure rise means that the nozzle mouth is blocked.

2. From the appearance of the industrial nozzle, whether the nozzle body is deformed, worn, corroded, blocked, melted, and stuck with dirt due to external forces.

3. The industrial nozzle has various types, specifications and materials. The shape of spray changes with obvious stripes, and there is no spray.

4. If the industrial nozzle fails to achieve the required spraying effect, it is not meaningful to require such an industrial nozzle, but it will have a greater impact and lead to some costs for later maintenance.

5. Dismantle the industrial nozzle to the test bench for actual measurement, and then compare it with the new product or catalog to see if it is significantly different from the new product.

Well, Xiaobian, the manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzle, will be here first. See you next time.