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What are the factors for selecting industrial nozzles?


2022-11-23 14:26

What are the factors for selecting industrial nozzles?

How to select industrial nozzle? As a manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzles, what are your problems with the selection factors of industrial nozzles? Let the manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzle take you to know about it!

Factors for nozzle selection include flow, pressure, spray angle, coverage, impact, temperature, materials, application, etc. These factors are often interrelated and mutually restrictive. Flow is proportional to pressure, spray angle, and coverage. The purpose of any nozzle is to keep the tank liquid in continuous contact with the workpiece. Flow is more important than pressure. Liquid temperature does not affect the spray performance of the nozzle, but affects viscosity and specific gravity, It also affects the selection of materials.

The characteristics of nozzles are mainly reflected in the spray type of nozzles, that is, the shape formed when the liquid leaves the nozzle mouth and its operating performance. According to the shape of spray, the first nozzle can be divided into fan shaped, cone shaped, liquid column flow (i.e. jet flow), air atomization, and flat plate nozzles. The cone shaped nozzles can also be divided into hollow cones and solid cones, Venturi nozzles (i.e. mixing and stirring nozzles) The names of strong cold (hot) air outlets and special nozzles (such as garden nozzles, cylinder washing nozzles, pipe washing nozzles, etc.) reflect the operating performance of nozzles.


What should be paid attention to when using industrial cooling air atomizing nozzle?

When air atomizing nozzle is used for industrial cooling, what precautions should be paid attention to? As the manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzle, let's talk about how to use it better.

1. If the fuel or lubricating oil of the atomizing nozzle is impure, it will accelerate the wear of parts, increase the fit clearance, and cause oil leakage, oil dripping, oil supply pressure reduction, oil blockage and other problems;

2. If the air contains a lot of dust, it will accelerate the wear of cylinder liner, piston and atomizing nozzle piston ring;

3. If the cooling water is impure, scale will be added to the cooling system to prevent the engine from radiating and accelerate wear;

4. If the body surface is not clean, the body will be corroded;

5. Poor gasoline and air supply, difficult starting, poor combustion and reduced power;

6. The fuel supply is insufficient or stopped, the smoothness of the atomizing nozzle engine is poor, and the wear of parts is accelerated;

7. The cooling water is insufficient, the machine temperature is too high, the power is reduced, and the wear is aggravated.

The above is the content explained by the manufacturer of brass atomizing nozzle. I hope it can help you. Thank you for watching. See you next time.

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