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The manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule joint will tell you the precautions and key points for installing flared pipe joint


2022-11-23 14:22

The manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule joint will tell you the precautions and key points for installing flared pipe joint

Manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule connector: What should be paid attention to when installing flared pipe connector?

Flared pipe joints are simple in structure, good in performance, and easy to process and use. They are suitable for low-pressure pipeline systems with oil and gas as the medium. Their working pressure depends on the allowable pressure of the pipeline, generally 3.5~16MPa. The working pressure of the joint itself is not clearly specified. Hydraulic pipeline systems are widely used in aircraft, automobiles, machine tools and other industries.


Precautions for installation of flared pipe joint:

Now, in our daily life, joints on pipes are very common. For such products, we need to install them effectively to ensure that they can play a more effective role. The pipe joint manufacturer will briefly introduce the installation method of pipe joints - flared pipe joints.

During installation, first open the flare joint at the outlet of the water pump or oil pump. In order to effectively reduce the impact caused by the extension or compression of the flare joint, appropriate stop devices should be added at the flange and its two ends.

In addition, when installing the ferrule joint, the large diameter joint shall be used. In order to install more effectively and reduce manual factors more effectively, a long and short pipe is made at one end of the flange as a backup.

The rubber insulation parts of flared pipe joint products are generally imported silicone rubber, the shell is made of high-strength copper, the flared pipe joint and the outer layer are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic outer protective shell, which has a high-performance waterproof and thermal insulation seal. It is suitable for mechanical engineering, machine tools and other hydraulic transmission pipelines. The specification of steel pipes for pipes is flexible, and the flared pipe joint is firmly connected with the pipeline after welding, with good sealing performance.

Flared pipe joints have the advantages of simple structure, low cost, easy disassembly and reuse, and are widely used in automobiles, ships, engineering machinery, rubber machinery, shoemaking machinery and other pipelines. The applicable medium of the flare is oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive media (the representative factory is Shanghai Yangtong United Co., Ltd.). Because of its firm connection with the pipeline and good sealing performance, it is widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, textile, national defense Metallurgical, aviation, shipbuilding and other systems.

Manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule joint: What are the key points of using flared pipe joint?

The surface roughness and unevenness of the sealing spherical surface of the joint body, the angle determination error, the axial swing of the spherical external thread surface, the angle determination error of the spherical surface in the pipe sleeve, the axial swing of the internal hole, and the flatness of the external thread surface of the nut clamping the internal hole A will affect the tight connection quality of the convex surface, so the required processing accuracy must be guaranteed.

The flaring quality at the top of the pipeline directly endangers the tight connection quality of the protruding surface, and is also a key factor endangering the leakage. Therefore, full attention should be paid to the design of flaring formwork.

Before flaring, the inner hole of the pipe must be cut flat to ensure it is perpendicular to the centerline, and the burrs must be removed.

When expanding, ensure the accuracy of the diameter in the bell period,

The outer spherical surface of the connector body and the inner surface of the pipe end bell mouth are sealing surfaces, which should be cleaned before installation.

During installation, ensure that the bell mouth of the pipe end is connected with the spherical coaxial cable of the connector to prevent tilting.

The manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule connector has introduced it here today. Thank you for watching. See you next time.