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The manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule joint will tell you about the installation method and precautions of the sleeve joint


2022-11-23 14:21

The manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule joint will tell you about the installation method and precautions of the sleeve joint

Manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule joint: installation method of sleeve joint

1、 Installation method of casing joint:

1. Saw off the seamless pipe of appropriate length and remove the burrs at the port number. The inner hole of the pipe shall be perpendicular to the centerline, and the angle of view dimension tolerance shall not exceed 0.5. If the pipe must be bent with a metal plate, the distance of the parallel line segment from the inner hole of the pipe to the bending position shall not be greater than three times the length of the nut.

2. Place the nut and ferrule on the seamless tube, pay attention to the orientation of the nut and ferrule, and it is unnecessary to install them reversely.

3. Brush grease on the external thread and ferrule of the self provided connector, insert the pipe into the connector body, (the pipe must be inserted to the bottom) and tighten the nut with fingertips.

4. Tighten the nut until the ferrule blocks the pipe. This big turning point can be felt according to the increase of tightening torque (working pressure point).

5. After reaching the working pressure point, tighten the clamping nut by 1/2 turn.

6. Disassemble the connector body, check the insertion state of the edge of the plug core, so that the visible convex belt must cover the indoor space of the inner hole of the plug core, and the ferrule can rotate slightly, but cannot rotate radially.

7. For zui rear installation, coat the external thread of the connector body with grease, and tighten the clamping nut with it until the tightening force can be increased, and then tighten it for 1/2 turn to complete the installation.



2、 Precautions for installation of casing joint:

During installation, the butt joint connected with the casing joint shall be clean inside and outside. The butt outlet must be polished and smooth, and the surface layer shall be free of burrs and concave convex surfaces. In addition, the butt joint and the casing joint shall not be bent, otherwise there will be leakage at the joint of the casing joint and the seamless steel pipe. The seamless steel pipes on both sides of the bayonet coupling shall be made of uniform materials, which can reasonably avoid leakage.

After the seamless steel pipe is put into the ferrule type pipe joint body, the extent of gradually tightening the ferrule should not be too large. The ferrule should be screwed to the end or 2/3 of the external thread from the shallow to the deep, and the ferrule can be tightened with a wrench.

Casing joints are available materials, such as insulating tees of oil, water, gas and other non acid or corrosive substances. The ppr pipe can be adjusted flexibly. After being connected with the pipe, it has the characteristics of firm connection and good sealing function. It is widely used in the system software of oil refineries, chemical plants, light industries, textiles, national defense and security, metallurgy industry, aviation companies, ships, etc., as well as mechanical automation Mechanical equipment and other hydraulic transmission system pipelines.

The manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule connector, Xiao Bian, has finished his explanation today. I hope the above explanation will help you. See you next time.