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The manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule connector will tell you about the installation method and inspection items of ferrule connector


2022-11-23 14:13

The manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule connector will tell you about the installation method and inspection items of ferrule connector

Manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule connector: features of correct installation mode of ferrule connector

The stainless steel core connector is the main product of our company, which has the characteristics of reliable connection, convenient installation and maintenance, pressure resistance and high temperature resistance, good sealing and repeatability, safe and reliable work, etc. Its working principle is to insert the steel pipe into the ferrule, lock it with the ferrule nut to conflict with the ferrule, seal it in the pipe, do not need welding when connecting with the steel pipe, better fire and explosion protection and aerial work, and eliminate the drawbacks caused by careless welding.


Stainless steel ferrule joints shall be installed and used in strict accordance with the specification requirements.

Manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule connector: initial installation should be

1. Select a seamless steel pipe of appropriate length, remove the burrs at the end, the end face of the pipe shall be perpendicular to the axis, and the angle tolerance shall not be greater than 0.5. If the pipe needs to be bent, the straight line length from the end face of the pipe to the bending position shall not be less than three times the length of the nut.

2. Place the nut and ferrule on the seamless steel pipe, and pay attention to the direction of the nut and ferrule.

3. Apply lubricating oil on the thread and ferrule of the preassembled connector body, insert the pipe into the connector body (the pipe must be inserted to the end), and tighten the nut by hand.

4. Tighten the nut until the ferrule blocks the pipe. This turning point can be felt by increasing the tightening torque (pressure point).

5. When the pressure point is reached, tighten the compression nut by 1/2 turn.

6. Dismantle the preassembled connector body and check the embedding condition of the ferrule edge. The visible protruding belt must fill the space of the ferrule end face. The ferrule can rotate slightly but cannot move axially.

7. For the final installation of zui, during the actual installation, apply lubricating oil on the threads of the connector body, and tighten it with the compression nut until the tightening force can be felt to increase. Then, tighten it for 1/2 turn to complete the installation. All ferrule connectors can be reassembled repeatedly, but the parts should be kept clean and intact. During the installation, the pipe should be inserted into the connector body until the ferrule closely fits the conical surface of the connector body, and then tighten the nut by hand, Use a wrench to tighten the nut until the tightening torque increases sharply, and then tighten it for another 1/4~1/2 turn.

Manufacturer of stainless steel ferrule connector: Careful inspection is required for the installation of ferrule connector

The pipe can be disassembled to check whether the ferrule joint assembly meets the requirements: the pipe at the end of the ferrule should even have a slight protrusion. The ferrule cannot slide back and forth, but it is allowed to rotate slightly. Why does the stainless steel ferrule joint sometimes leak?

1. The pipe cannot pass through.

2. The nut is not tightened.

3. The pipe is scratched or out of round.

4. The pipe is too hard.

The stainless steel ferrule connector manufacturer's small editor will be introduced here today. Thank you for watching. I hope the above explanation will help you. If you need ferrule connectors, you can consult our company.