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Connection principle and advantages of stainless steel ferrule joint


2022-11-23 14:11

In our daily production and life, stainless steel ferrule connector is an indispensable tool, which is very important for production and life. Many people know little about it. Stainless steel hose connectors are classified into national standards such as type a, type b, type c, type d, type e, type f, type h, flange type, etc. In addition, we can divide stainless steel hose connectors into 30 degrees according to their bending conditions. Then, let's learn about the connection principle and advantages of stainless steel ferrule connectors.


1、 Connection principle of stainless steel ferrule connector:

Stainless steel ferrule joint is a new type of pipe connection. It is a structure that embeds steel pipes in ferrule joints, tightens ferrule nuts to resist ferrule joints, cuts in and seals pipes, and is a vacuum joint that plays a very important role in production and life.

2、 Advantages of stainless steel ferrule connector:

Welding is generally not required when connecting with steel pipes. This can prevent the occurrence of fire. It has great advantages in explosion-proof and high-altitude operation, and can eliminate the disadvantages caused by poor welding quality. Stainless steel ferrule joint, simple structure, reliable sealing performance, convenient use, good manufacturing, light and beautiful appearance; No gasket, no welding, material saving, good repeated loading and unloading performance. I waited a lot.

3、 Application field of stainless steel ferrule joint

As the stainless steel ferrule joint does not use welding, the influence of the pipe journal on the pipe performance is reduced. At present, the stainless steel ferrule joints produced by Shengjiang Industry are more and more widely used as hydraulic and pneumatic components of oil, gas and medium. It is especially suitable for occasions with burning danger, high-altitude operation and frequent disassembly and assembly. At present, our policy also vigorously promotes stainless steel ferrule joints.

4、 Main application fields

Due to different materials, it has a variety of models and specifications, and can be used in different industries for a variety of main purposes. It includes quick plug connectors for gas, CO2 natural gas, steam liquid, steam pressure, rare gas, refrigeration temperature oil and semiconductor materials. According to different joints, materials in work such as automobile gasoline, gasoline, gear oil, automobile diesel oil, refrigeration engine oil, fuel oil, water, acid-base and alkaline liquid, vapor, etc. can be applied respectively.

The above is the connection principle and advantages of stainless steel ferrule connector. For more information, please feel free to contact us! Our company has many years of experience. In the process of product design and processing, we are very strict. We constantly improve and update our products to meet the needs of various customers. If you need, you can contact us and look forward to your joining at any time.