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Operating principle and application field of stainless steel ferrule joint


2022-11-23 14:09

The stainless steel ferrule connector is composed of connector body, ferrule and nut. After the ferrule and nut are sleeved on the steel pipe and inserted into the connector body, tighten the nut. The outside of the front end of the ferrule is in close contact with the conical surface of the connector body. The inner knife bites into the seamless steel pipe evenly to form an effective seal. The stainless steel ferrule joint is characterized by firm connection, high pressure resistance, temperature resistance, good sealing and repeatability, convenient installation and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, etc. Then, let's learn about the use principle and application field of stainless steel ferrule connector.


The stainless steel ferrule joint has the advantages of firm and reliable connection, excellent pressure resistance, temperature resistance and sealing, and good performance in repeated disassembly and use, such as convenient inspection during installation, safe and reliable operation.

Operating principle of stainless steel ferrule connector:

The use principle of stainless steel ferrule connector is: first insert the steel pipe into the ferrule, and then slowly tighten the ferrule nut to make it resist the ferrule and cut off the completely closed pipeline. The connection with steel pipe does not require manual welding, which is conducive to fire prevention and explosion-proof high-altitude operation, and also eliminates the hidden dangers and drawbacks caused by improper welding. Therefore, it is a preferred and advanced pipe connector in road connection management, and is suitable for gas, oil and water pipe connection.

Stainless steel ferrule connector is connected by three parts, including connector body, ferrule and non thread. After inserting the ferrule type connector and nut into the steel pipe, tighten the nut with a tool to make the front outside of the stainless steel ferrule connector closely contact the cone of the connector body. The inner edge can be evenly clamped into the seamless steel pipe to obtain better sealing effect.

Pre assembly is an important part of stainless steel ferrule joint, which directly affects the reliability of sealing. A special applicator is generally required, and the joints with small pipe diameters can be bonded with the bench vise. Stainless steel ferrule connectors mainly include ferrule type straight pipe connector, ferrule type end straight connector, ferrule type three-way connector, etc. Even if it is a batch from the same manufacturer, the depth of taper holes on these joint bodies is often different, resulting in leakage, but this problem is often ignored. The correct method is to use any connector body to connect one end of the pipeline, and pre install the corresponding connector end with the same type of connector, so as to minimize the leakage problem.

Application fields of stainless steel ferrule connectors:

As stainless steel ferrule joints are often used in power plants with poor water quality and high water head, severe working conditions cause serious losses to stainless steel ferrule joints, especially the wear of sealing surfaces. In order to improve maintainability, new standards and requirements, the replacement structure of removable seal ring was designed. After obvious wear occurs to the ram seal of stainless steel ferrule connector after long-term use, it is not necessary to replace the ram or select another stainless steel ferrule connector, only replace the seal ring, so as to improve the service life of the stainless steel ferrule connector body and reduce the capital investment.

The above is the use principle and application field of stainless steel ferrule joint. For more information, please feel free to contact us! Our company has many years of experience and is looking forward to your joining at any time.