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What are the installation precautions for stainless steel ferrule connector?


2022-11-23 13:57

Stainless steel ferrule joint is applicable to places where the medium materials are oil, water, gas and other non corrosive materials. It is a pipe joint with good sealing performance. When used together with aluminum plastic pipe, it is very flexible after being connected with the pipe, and has the advantages of firm and reliable connection and good sealing.


The key points of stainless steel ferrule connector installation are:

1. If the pipeline needs to be cleaned with acid solution, it shall be cleaned with acid solution first.

2. According to the length required in actual use, use a sawing machine or a professional pipe cutting machine to cut pipes. It is absolutely not allowed to use dissolution or grinding wheel to cut pipes. Before installation, remove burrs, metal chips and stains on the inner and outer circumference of the pipe end, as well as anti rust additives and other stains. At the same time, the roundness of the pipe must be ensured during the cutting process.

3. Put the nut and ferrule into the pipe one by one. The front edge of the ferrule shall be at least 3mm away from the pipe mouth, and then insert the pipe into the tapered hole in the joint until it cannot be inserted.

4. Slowly tighten the ferrule nut, rotate the pipe until the pipe stops rotating, and then tighten the nut about 2/3 to 4/3 turns.

5. Dismantle and check whether the ferrule has completely weakened the pipe and whether the position is accurate. The ferrule is not allowed to move along the axis direction, but it can rotate slightly.

6. Check whether the nut meets the requirements, and then turn and tighten the nut again.

For stainless steel ferrule joints, most pipeline leakage is caused by the looseness of ferrule or deformation of pipe end face due to large external force or impact force. At this time, check whether the ferrule is out of round, whether the pipe end is intact, whether the cutting edge is damaged, and the compression degree of the ferrule nut. At the same time, eliminate the external force of the pipe. In less serious cases, a sealing gasket can be used to prevent the ferrule joint from leaking.

In actual use, the causes of leakage of stainless steel ferrule joints are as follows:

1. It is caused by aging or deformation of the seal ring;

2. The seal ring is not assembled in place, resulting in uneven pressure when two planes are connected or cutting the seal ring, leading to leakage;

3. The seal ring is not pressed tightly, and the elastic deformation is insufficient, leading to leakage;

4. The seal ring groove is too deep, causing leakage.

How to effectively prevent leakage of stainless steel ferrule joints?

First, it is necessary to reselect the sealing ring with the same outer diameter and thick section, or cut or grind the sealing face with the groove to reduce the depth of the groove and make the sealing ring have enough elastic deformation.

Second, for leakage at pipe joints made of oil resistant rubber plates, composite sealing gaskets or sealants, felt mild steel cardboard and other materials used for ferrule joints, regardless of the material, first check whether the ferrule joint seal is damaged, deformed, aged and too rough, and then take corresponding measures to maintain it.