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The stainless steel ferrule connector is composed of three parts


2022-11-23 13:50

Stainless steel ferrule joints are generally installed incorrectly.

Assemble "one and a quarter turn"

It is only a prerequisite for proper and safe assembly of stainless steel ferrule joints, not a sufficient and necessary condition!

You have seen many examples of leakage after the assembly of "one and a quarter turns". The stainless steel ferrule joint has no product quality problems, such as:

1. The strength of stainless steel pipe is too high due to incomplete heat treatment method, resulting in insufficient ferrule

The pipe strength can be kept below 180HV or 80HRB.

2. The pipe is oval, which causes the ferrule to be not symmetrical

3. Improper treatment of stainless steel pipe, resulting in damage to protruding surface

4. The position and orientation of double ferrule must be installed incorrectly and cannot be sealed


Therefore, in order to properly and quickly assemble the stainless steel ferrule connector and more reliable software, you need not only "one and a quarter turns", but also a lot of basic knowledge, including:

1. Correct selection and solution of pipes;

2. Identify the correct pipe type, layout and support points;

3. Inspection before construction;

4. Correct installation steps;

Explanation of ferrule type pipe joint

1、 Single ferrule ferrule connector

Single ferrule ferrule joint consists of three parts: joint body, ferrule and nut. When the ferrule and nut are sucked onto the seamless steel pipe and inserted into the joint body, when the nut is tightened, the front two sides of the ferrule meet the spherical surface of the joint body, and the inner edge evenly bites into the seamless pipe to establish reasonable sealing.

2、 Double ferrule ferrule connector

1. Frame Diagram

Structural features: When installing the pipe joint with the advantages of excellent geometric structure design (as shown in the left figure), the front ferrule is sent to the joint itself and the ferrule to produce the main seal, and then the ferrule causes the hinge effect to produce a strong and quick effect on the ferrule. The geometric structure of the rear ferrule is conducive to the optimal engineering project hinge clamp effect, which can convert the axial movement into the radial extrusion effect in the ferrule.

2. Advantages of the pedal type quick design scheme with double ferrules:

The double ferrule separates the sealing performance from the quick action on the ferrule, and each ferrule should improve its corresponding function. The front ferrule is used to produce the sealing property: the sealing property of the outer diameter of the ferrule between the ferrule and the connector itself. When the nut is rotated, the rear ferrule will: push the front ferrule radially to add a ferrule axially.

3. Advantages of applying this product:

Excellent steam body sealing property and quick efficiency of the ferrule facilitate proper installation Excellent vibration fatigue resistance and ferrule support points

4. Installation of double ferrule joint and stainless steel pipe

5. Ensure that all parts are clean and free from environmental pollution in all installation links.