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Installation and precautions of stainless steel ferrule joint


2022-11-23 14:10

With the progress of the times and the development of human civilization, the following industry segmentation is becoming more and more obvious. Specialization by experts has become the trend of the times, which is not only a new trend, but also a reflection of the progress of social division of labor. It can not only improve efficiency, but also achieve win-win cooperation. However, the market is complex, and it is more difficult to effectively screen. So, let's learn about the installation and precautions of stainless steel ferrule joints.


The stainless steel ferrule joint has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and no welding. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, scientific experiments, electrical engineering and other industries. The installation method is very simple, which consists of the joint body, ferrule type pipe joint and nut. After inserting the stainless steel ferrule joint into the ferrule type steel pipe, tighten the nut. The outside of the front end of the ferrule type is in close contact with the cone of the joint body, The inner knife is evenly clamped in the seamless steel pipe to form an effective seal. However, we need to pay attention to several matters during installation.

(1) Pre installation

The pre assembly of stainless steel ferrule joint is an important part, which directly affects the reliability of sealing. A dedicated preloader is generally required. The joints with small pipe diameters can be temporarily installed on the bench tongs. Specifically, just take a connector body as the parent body and press the nut and jacket on the pipeline. It mainly includes ferrule type straight connector, ferrule type end straight closing head, ferrule type three-way connector, etc. Even for the same batch of goods from the same manufacturer, the taper hole depths of these joint bodies are often different, resulting in leakage, which is often ignored.

The correct way is to use any connector body to connect one end of the pipeline, and pre install the corresponding connector end with the same type of connector, so as to greatly reduce the leakage problem. The end face of the pipeline shall be flat. After the pipe saw breaks, please grind it on the grinding wheel, remove the burrs, clean it and blow it away with high-pressure air before use. During temporary installation, try to keep the coaxiality of air pipe and connector body. Excessive inclination of the air pipe will lead to poor sealing.

The preload shall not be too large. Ensure that the inner edge of the fastener is closely matched with the outer wall of the pipe, and the fastener is free of obvious deformation. When connecting pipes, assemble according to the specified tightening force. The fastening force of 6-10mm jacket is 64-115N, 16mmr 259N and 18mm 450N. If the jacket is severely deformed during pre installation, the sealing effect will disappear.

Installation steps of stainless steel ferrule connector

1. It is prohibited to add sealant and other fillers. In order to obtain better sealing effect, someone has applied sealant on the bobbin clamp. As a result, the sealant will enter the hydraulic system, and the orifices of hydraulic components will be blocked.

2. Make the pipeline have enough deformation during connection to avoid exerting tensile stress on the pipeline.

3. When connecting the pipeline, do not bear the transverse force. The lateral force is too large, and the sealing is not strict.

4. When connecting the pipeline, please tighten it at one time and do not remove it for many times. The sealing performance deteriorates.

The above is the installation and precautions of stainless steel ferrule connector. For more information, please feel free to contact us! Our company has many years of experience and is looking forward to your joining at any time.